What does your name mean, Business?

«Fortune favours the bold»



So, the hunt for future successful businessmen begins, their example will infect the younger generation, and they will want to do exploits!

Do you remember how it was before in distant, dusty antiquity? Modern glamorous style does not seem cool to really «tough guys». It is cool to be an entrepreneur, to leave behind a legacy of grace and disciples: those who will continue the work in such a way that will be able even to «surpass you», not just twice, but in a «multidimensional degree».

Who is an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is a person who has discovered his mission in this life, he is engaged in the business, which brings happiness, financial income and benefit to others.

An entrepreneur is not necessarily a man. The woman who opened, for example, fancywork or embroidery salon, or who is engaged in creative work in a commercial manner, can also rightly be proud to wear the brand name «entrepreneur». As they say, «if you are able to see the business from both sides, you are ready to start your own one». After all, life’s path is always thorny, and cacti are found on every road.

A businessman is certainly a strong-willed man, ready for different scenarios. “Blowers” in business are as natural as a routine of good luck. Many great businessmen started their business with a magnificent failure. They did not give up, but continued their work with greater complacency, whereby they are known worldwide. They are the object of admiration and applause. Therefore, a reminder to all beginners: «If the initial capital is tears – do not finish all with the hysteria».

Now, a parable! It says that if you really want to achieve true success in life, you sometimes have to be able to take the pain in the heart, with the same dignity as the joy of success. This is what distinguishes lion from other animals and makes it their king.

«The Tattooed Lion». Sufi parable.


Once there was a man who wanted to have a lion tattooed on his back. He went to a tattoo artist and told him what he wanted. But as soon as he felt the first few pricks, he began to moan and groan:

«Oh, you’re going to kill me! What part of the lion are you marking now?»

«I’m doing the tail now», replied the master.

«Oh, damn it to hell, this tail!», yelled the man.

The master started his work again. And again his client could not stand the pain.

«And what part of the lion is it this time?», he cried. «Oh, oh, how it hurts!»

«This time it’s the lion’s ear», said the tattooist.

«Let’s make the lion without an ear», gasped the man.

The tattooist started to work again. No sooner had the needle entered his skin than the victim writhed in pain again:

«And what part of the lion is it this time?»

«Stomach», grimly answered the artist.

«I do not want a lion with a stomach», moaned the customer.

The tattooist was momentarily speechless with anger. Then he threw his needle to the ground and cried:

«A lion without a head, with no tail, without a stomach? Who can draw such a thing? Even God can not!»

Still, what’s the difference between successful and very successful people?

Virtuoso grandeur of desires.

Or «Man, o Man! Lord of the sky, herding flocks of clouds on high!..»

Very successful people always differ in the magnitude of desires, they think only in global categories. An ordinary man does not even think of such peaks. And if he does, the mere thought will make him dizzy. Desire is not enough, successful people must have the courage to implement their plans.

They are avid daredevils, ready for any eventuality. After all, anything can happen: changes in legislation, the fall of the euro, etc.

The desires and clear goals of the leaders of the business scale are backed by an absolute belief in success. There is an interesting rule: all these qualities usually appear in childhood.

For example, in the early 90’s a young man, who was 22 years old at that time, traveled to Germany, where he was struck by a cozy cottage village with restaurants and sports grounds. And he had a dream to build such a village in Russia. At that time he had no company, no money, no special construction education. There were only a great desire and belief in success. But he created a construction-industrial corporation, built such villages and was practically the first in this business.

The model of life: if you want something – do it.


Very successful people are guided by their own principles and motives, they do not need external incentives, systems of motivation, compensation and rewards. That is why such people reach the heights even despite the attitude of others – when all around are convinced that they will not succeed.

Another valuable quality helps them to implement such model of life – the absence of internal barriers, internal conflict.

I.e. they are able to assess themselves adequately. And they always overcome external obstacles with passion, like real life players.

«The subcutaneous layer of unjustified optimism».

It should be borne in mind that optimism is not always justified, because a successful outcome is almost always expected in situations fifty-fifty. But hyper-successful people manage to remain super optimists even despite any bad events that happen around. And oddly enough, they succeed. Why?

Because such people assess their chances higher than most people, they believe that they have more abilities. And the most interesting – they are completely sure that any goal can be achieved, and the world, in principle, is manageable.

The philosophy of these people: everything is possible, everything can be solved.

The desire to know the truth, no matter what it is.


Fearlessness of successful people is amazing. Especially the fact that they are always ready to face the severest truth. They do not panic, do not lose heart, but take the blows of fate with head held high, «not caving in to a changing world».

When such people come seemingly in a hopeless situation, it awakens in them the passion and the will to win. They become stronger after this struggle. Many leaders managed to pull their companies out of hopeless situations only by knowing the real causes of the problems, because it allowed to make the right decision.

Perhaps many people may think, «Well, it’s not about me, I guess such people had an appropriate education. They were lucky with their parents, etc».

No, once again, we note that all very successful people, as a rule, had no the proper education, no money, no connections, many of them had not even finished high school. We consider the category of «self made» men, i.e. those who have made themselves. As a rule, they are all from low-income, ordinary families. And all of them were engaged in self-education. A person can change his life only through personal efforts.

Therefore, we should start with us, with our weak attitudes and programs from childhood. To change the program of life, which is already running at the moment, you should change your thoughts, emotions and actions to those that will help you succeed.

Many people ask the Universe: «How to get rich from my couch?».

The real answer to this question is «Work hard, my friend, work hard». No wonder there are many proverbs about work.

Studying is also one kind of work. But the attainment of theoretical knowledge must always be accompanied by practice. In some cases, even just practice is enough. So, as soon as you open something new for yourself – feel free to practice, after all, no song, no supper.

This music will help you to tune into the wavelength of success https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PN91Ofefydg, feel this magic energy that fills you with every beat.

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Diana Suemi

Diana Suemi

Diana Suemi, international trainer, consultant, founder of international women’s association DAOIN, spiritual life-coach and torch bearer of ancient traditions, has empowered thousands of women to realize their soul’s potential. During 15 year experience Diana helped more than 10000 of women in 20 countries to find the best realization of their talents, find soul-mate and to build the harmony family and restore faith in life.

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