The Healing via the Dance

The day passed in vain, if I didn’t dance.


Do you often dance?

Do you like it?

And do you do it often?

To tell the truth, I am fond of dancing a lot and I derive an immense pleasure from that. Even more than that, I noticed, that whenever I am in a depressed state, it is enough just to turn the favourite music on  and to start moving, and everything passes, the problems stop bothering me.

The studies of science confirm, that the dances are an excellent means for the deprivation of stress. The primordial human didn’t know about the stresses, but he felt the need of repeating rhythmic movements already then. So, the ancient people healed, committed the worship of the Gods, they expressed their essence with the help of dances.


And before the dance became a mystical ritual, it was a rhythmic materialization  of the energy. Any energy has such a property, that if it is distributed harmonically throughout the channels, then the organism functions normally, and if it’s surplus or insufficiency is accumulated, then the human feels the discomfort, the spiritual and physical maladies begin. The dances will help to distribute the energy correctly.

 There’s a miraculous practice of a dynamic meditation. Actually, theword «meditation» is associated by a lot of people with something statical, for example, you sit down to the pose of «lotus» and you meditate.

However, meditation – is the life itself, it is our existence and the constant knowing of oneself. When we learn the dances, our attention is directed at our body, and when we dance a spontaneous dance – it is the expression of the human’s soul.


Isadora Duncan – the outstanding dancer of the 20-th century used to say, that the best dance – is the improvisation. It is known, that the first dance – was the dance of the ancient Shamans, who, by entering the state of trance, communicated with the spirits, acquiring the gift of prediction and of healing of the soul and body. They performed a special bubble of sound (vorgovaniye) and the throat singing, which allowed them to make away with the internal dialogue and reach their internal essence.

There’s an ancient secret of a unique dance, which, fortunately, is opened to the searching ones. This is the dance of dissolution in the Universal flow of wisdom and harmony. In order to set your mind on the dance, seclude yourself in such a place, where nothing would distract you, turn off the computers and phones at least for 20-25 minutes.  Ask the Divine Power to enter you now and to purify your consciousness. Select the music, which opens you at the best compared to the others, and start moving with the closed eyes. Depending on your emotional state it may be either harmonic or an active music. Begin to perform movements, without evaluating yourself. Just put a trust in your body, it’s wise. It knows itself, as to what is required.


Toss the negative energy, which accumulated, out during the dance and absorb the flow of new fresh, luminous and positive energy. Visualize the golden flow, which descends upon you and grants you the resolution of those problems, which worry you. You may dance even longer if your essence wishes so.

The criterion of the correct implementation of practice will be the glad state of spirit and the feeling, that all the life’s events have turned to your side. And it is truly so. You may also feel, how the deep karmic layers get purified, as the glad, the light beings are acceptable before the God. The world exists not for our sufferings, but for our gladness.

Perform a dynamic meditation always, once you’ve felt the depressed or the irritated state. The dynamic meditation is capable of opening your eyes onto the new way of solving of the old problems by the means of shutdown from the unnecessary thoughts and the harmonization of the general flow of energy.

The dance itself is beautiful and it carries the healing, and if you perform it in a conscious way even yet, the world will turn into an eternal holiday, where you will play the part of a glad and happy character.

Dance and the supreme gladness will fix itself in you!

Join us in our ethnic dance dedicated to the Equinox celebration and enjoy it at Feel our energy, let it flow through you and free you from all the negative emanations. Let’s dance together!



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Diana Suemi

Diana Suemi

Diana Suemi, international trainer, consultant, founder of international women’s association DAOIN, spiritual life-coach and torch bearer of ancient traditions, has empowered thousands of women to realize their soul’s potential. During 15 year experience Diana helped more than 10000 of women in 20 countries to find the best realization of their talents, find soul-mate and to build the harmony family and restore faith in life.

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