Love and relationships

Diana Suemi course for women DEVINE FEMININE
Women’s power during full moon. No stress and conflicts
The moon is the most important planet for women. But women are more emotional and could by negatively influence during full moon, thats why by statistics there are a lot of divorces and conflicts in families. There is a knowledge how to direct the power of full moon to your emotional health, youth, prosperity and to attract the beautiful relationships with your soul-mate.

Diana Suemi_breath exercise to empower etherial energy body

This breath exercise helps to awaken energy in etherial body. This energy body connected with our youth, skin health, also connected with 2nd chakra. Helps to balance woman’ energy

Meditation. Enemies that make us stronger — Diana Suemi
Do you know who is a real enemy of your self-development? Diana Suemi will help you to find answers to this question! Let`s view the video!

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