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What does it mean – places of power? How do they work? Why do some people when visit such “special zones” are healed, they solve the life problems, but others, on the contrary, get something unpleasant in life.


Places of Power or Sacred Sites – certain energy points on the earth’s surface, which have special properties. Knowing how they work, man, being in such places of power, can adjust his life to fulfill his dream, or clean his energy and get rid of the diseases.

As far I remember myself, I always wanted to ride on new mills, to meet new people. I always knew that I do not want to live somewhere in the only one place, I believed my home – is the whole earth! But at some point I realized that if you go just as a tourist, it is boring. All coastal tourist zones look like one another. What is much more interesting to know different traditions, inside the country, in terms of its culture and rituals. As a result of such research, expeditions, appeared special project, where participants may immerse in the energy sector, the country’s culture through professional conductors who are dedicated to certain traditions. This is a journey and also the process of self-development. And thanks to individual teaching and spending 2 years in retreat in the East, I began to understand such a concept as “Places of Power”, I have learned to feel the different energy and see what rituals, meditations which help people to be filled with the energy field force. . I conduct trainings and retreats at the Places of Power (Sacred Sites) and teach to feel & direct the energy to your purposes. During last 5 years a great number of seekers from Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Latin America and North America traveled with me. My dream – to organize a trip around the world, an expedition to the holy places associated with different ancient traditions

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Mark Mark
We went on a tour to India, Egypt and Tibet. It was a Joy for my hart and soul!!! Such deep knowledge about life and happiness in relationship between man and women you won’t find in any University in the world! My path is leading me now to Baikal – the place of Wisdom and eternal Truth!
I am writing this letter now because I want to share with you how just during one year I became a healthy confident and happy person! The advices of wise Master opened up new ideas in me, which resulted in prospering of my business. People who new me before – the weak and unsure Mark, now with interest and even with a pinch of fear are watching my business grow and expend abroad. My projects now is to build Eco-Village for children and young people. It is a great project!
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