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My dear! Every day, women are turning to me with requests for assistance in health, relationship or business. I really want to help everyone! Unfortunately I do not have the opportunity to meet personally with everybody, but now there is an opportunity to get advice and support from me on Skype!
What is the Skype-session? If you have a question troubling you and you do not see the solution, I will be glad to help you on-line through Skype.
You can ask a question or describe the situation and get a full, detailed response: where it came from and what you need to do. At the best possible way!
Simply you will get a “recipe” that will solve the problem. Please fill out this application and I will contact you to discuss the convenient time to assist you.

Personal on-line consultation



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    It determines the condition of the chakras, blocks, clamps of physical and spiritual health. Recommendations for corrective actions. Determination of individual abilities, which were originally laid in a human and which should be developed primarily for the early working out of karma and spiritual realization. It also shows what methods are best to use to develop these abilities.

    How does that happen? The person sitting on the chair, closes his/her eyes, his subtle body is being scanned, talks about the state of the chakras, gives advises. Assistant captures all that Aayla said and finally gives the person written recommendations.

    Duration: 20-40 minutes.

    What training should be: a person can think about something that he is most concerned about.

    Experience and examples: “Bad luck has started in my life. My husband filed for divorce, I was fired and closest friends have turned away. I was left alone. I was advised to go to the Siberian shaman. Everything started to change after the diagnostics. My life has changed a week after I started following the recommendations! I was offered a high-paying designer job, which I dreamed about. Relationship with my ​​husband has improved! Thank you!» Jessica, ’33


    Karmic task is determined in female or male body in this lifetime; what tasks are not performed in past lives, which abilities must be in this body. What karmic problems have accumulated in relation to the opposite sex.

    How does that happen? A person sitting on the chair, closes eyes, a shaman scans karmic lives of a human and the voice of the tasks that a person being in a male or female body must do in this life. Assistant captures everything that the shaman says and finally gives written recommendations to the person.

    Duration: 30 – 40 minutes

    What training should be: a person can prepare questions that relate to their realization as a man or a woman.

    Experience and examples: Due to the diagnosis of my male nature, I finally understood why I did not have good relations with women, neither in personal life nor with colleagues. Thanks to the recommendations, I finally found a common language with my female colleagues at work. And already more than half a year, I have a happy relationship with my girlfriend, my future wife. Furthermore, after the passage of this diagnostics, my income has increased 2.5 times. Michael, 36 years old


    Before coming to the practice, You should choose Your main problem, which is repeated in Your life or lasts for a long time: bad luck, chronic illness, difficulties in communication, lack of money, fear, uncertainty, etc. In the course of diagnosing shaman looks through past incarnations, looks for the cause of this problem and helps to choose the path of healing, cleansing.

    How does that happen? The person tells about his/her situation, disease, a problem that worries the most, which repeats and no matter what methods a person chooses, it does not go away from his/her life. Shaman says the reason for this disease, problems and how to solve it using the most harmonious way.

    Duration: 40-50 minutes.

    What training should be: choose one or another situation that repeats in life. If other people are involved in the situation, you need to bring their pictures (last year pictures)


    Needed: pictures of relatives – husband’s (wife’s), children’s, parents’ of the husband and wife, brothers’ and sisters’, grandparents’ on both lines, great-grandparents’, if there are any. If there are pictures of more ancient relatives, You should bring them too. Diagnosis helps to understand what challenges have gathered all the souls in the same genus. What difficulties of past lives must be overcome. And also, what is their task in the world. Diagnosis lets you see the status of your family tree, prospects of development.


    Purpose has several levels: tasks in this life in this body (in society, in personal development), tasks for the soul over a number of lives (what spiritual experience is required to learn and develop, what problems for mankind bears the soul).

    How it works: The shaman looks at the person’s subtle body, sees human destiny, tells the story of the soul’s life mission, what to do, where to go, what to develop, how to correct the destiny, to find meaning in this life.

    Duration: 30-40 min

    Training: think about what You wanted to do as a child. Observe, what You want to do in your free from work or family time.

    Experience: Through mission diagnostics, I finally found the meaning of life. Almost 30 years I wandered from one job to another, permanent chaos in my personal life, different relationships. I was tired of all that. I passed the diagnostics, became more involved in singing, which I loved as a child. Now all the circumstances were such that my husband gave me a whole school, where I have my singing lessons and teach children. I feel happy and everything around me is very harmonious and good. Lera, 28 years old


    Thanks to the ability to see and communicate with the spirit world, the shaman looks at what spirits live in symbiosis with a human. Which ones give a human power, and which are the destroyers, and are a source of diseases in a human. Also shamanic abilities can be seen – from which World and Soul the Spirit Sur came, and what the human’s task is. Connection with the ancestors and relatives are watched. Recommendations are given for all moments: how to strengthen, how to get rid of, what practices to do in this case, how to change a lifestyle (daily routine, diet), how to develop Your abilities and what mystical rituals are needed to go through to communicate with Spirits.

    Duration: 30-40 min

    Experience:  I used to feel spirits since childhood. I know that a river is alive, trees are alive. I used to communicate with them until students at school said that I was a fool. I still continued communicating with the spirits, but did not tell anybody about it. And shamanic diagnostics helped me to receive a knowledge and understanding of how to develop my own shamanistic abilities. And now, using it, all my life’s difficulties are resolved quickly. It became easy to study at the university, I always ask the spirits at my exams, and I always get easy questions. The whole world seems to be opened in front of me. Thank you, you opened the door for me to the world of shamanism, to the spirit world! Carolina, 24 years old




    This shamanic ritual helps to cleanse the family tree: roots, stem, crown, symbolizing the ancestors and living relatives and future family – children. If there are problems such as infertility, insanity, poverty (the well-being decreases with each generation), addiction to drugs or alcohol, constant quarrels and conflicts with relatives in the family, it is said that your family tree needs help. This ritual gives relief from all of the above mentioned problems and difficulties. Thanks to it, you will reconnect with the kind of spirit that will become your patrol in life, and all difficulties will be easily solved.

    How it works: the ritual can take place in different places: by the bonfire in the forest or in the room. In this ritual, Shaman unites a human with the spirit of his/her family. A human under the leadership of the Shaman cleanses a family tree.

    Duration: 30-60 min

    What training should be: Voluntarily, you can make a family tree, remember all your relatives, both dead and living.

    Experience and examples: “After the family line purification, I got rid of diseases of the female organs. My relationship with my husband and children became harmonious. Children study better, and my husband has got a new high-paying job. And the main thing. I feel help from my ancestors! I am very happy, thank you!” Margaret, 40 years old.


    Recommended for everyone who comes seriously to conceiving and the birth of a child in the family.

    How it works:  Shaman helps a future mother to turn to the Goddess Umai during the ritual and to make a connection with the soul and invite the soul to come to her as her unborn child.  Child’s soul comes to meet the future mother.

    Duration: 30 min – 60 min.

    Experience: A famous top model Natalia Vodianova with her husband English lord Justin Portman visited Altai shaman to pray for the birth of her third child. The fact is that when the couple had planned the third baby, they had problems with conceiving. That is why Natalia decided to seek help from a shaman. Thanks to the ceremony Natalia plunged into an amazing state of merging with the soul of a child, felt him with her whole heart, her whole being. And the pregnancy took place, flowed easily, and the child was born healthy and beautiful!


    The ritual of uterus purification from negative destructive energy. Metra is an organ, that is connected with the energy of the Universe, the Cosmos at the energy level. Woman transforms a negative energy of her husband through her uterus. Transforms this energy into a positive one and always gives her energy to the man. If a woman has had more than one partner, or her partner has a hard work, constant stress, or if the relationship ended up and there is a desire to find a new partner and start all over again at a higher level, then her uterus simply cannot deal with a severe destructive energy. And so there are women’s diseases, aging body, a woman cannot conceive a child.

    How it works: as a shamanic ritual around the campfire or in the room. Purification is going on with a help of the huge generic shaman power, his helping spirits, by the voice and the sound of the tambourine Altai.

    Duration: 30 min – 60 min.

    Preparation: Wear comfortable clothes, take your musical instrument, if you want (tambourine, ratchet, maracas, homuz).

    Experience: I was diagnosed with uterine and cervical cancer. I thought that my life was over. That my husband will not love me anymore. After uterus purification I continued to implement the recommendations of the Siberian shaman within 21 days, I went to the doctor. And the doctor could not believe his eyes when he saw results of the tests. Fibroids began to disperse. As a result, fibroids disappeared in a month, and, in 3 months, I shocked a hospital staff again, because my cancer disappeared. Monica, 35 years old.


    Shaman goes into the spirit world in this ceremony to find a spirit-helper for the patient. As a result of this ceremony he returns to a human his lost spirit or helps to find a new one (often the spirits are: of wealth, beauty, health, etc.).

    Duration: 30 min – 60 min.

    Preparation: to decide in what area of life you want to have a spirit helper.

    Experience: A cult actor Johnny Depp is a hereditary Cherokee Indian. This explains why the actor wears a large amount of jewelry. They are constant companions in his life, regardless of fashion trends and brands temptations. There are 10 iconic things that Johnny wears not only in everyday life, on photo sessions and press conferences, but also on the most important events in his life, demonstrating that these things are a part of him. The fact is that each of them is the receptacle for the spirit helpers of the actor.


    Individual ritual, which is held by the shaman. The result is the healing from the disease, getting rid of a problem.

    How it works: The shamanic ritual is held near a bonfire in the street, or in the room. During the ceremony, the shaman uses his ability to communicate and negotiate with the spirits.

    Duration: 30 min – 60 min.

    Preparation: Wearing comfortable clothes, taking your musical instrument, if you want (tambourine, ratchet, maracas, homuz).

    Experience: a popular singer Dima Bilan, who took the second place on “Eurovision – 2006”, went through a special magic ritual “shamanic healing” before a trip to the “Eurovision-2008” to get rid of fear and uncertainty, as well as envy and obstacles, which were created by his competitors on competition. As a result, Dimitri became a winner!  Dmitry said in his interview that he was subjected to a variety of magical effects, damage, omens several times on his job and in his personal life. In such cases, it goes through the healing rituals to calm down and clear himself. These rituals help him to always be in a strong condition!


    There are many dark entities in the world that cannot exist independently, without parasitizing in a human being. These dark entities take roots in people and generate negative qualities in him/her: fear, anger, laziness, pride. All these qualities make a person suffer and throw away a certain energy that gives power to these dark spirits. As a result, those organs begin to suffer, which give away their energy, feeding the spirits, and therefore they no longer have enough energy for their normal operation. Besides, negative thoughts make them work unnaturally. A result of the ritual: the solution of the problem; cleansing of negative, destructive power of evil spirits in the physical, emotional and mental plane. And it means healing of organs and body systems, filling with positive emotions, life-affirming thought-forms.

    How does the ritual work: Shaman tuned to a specific human body in which the spirit lives, which destroys this organ. And special shamanic techniques: talking with the spirit, using the sound of tambourines, attracting force of the higher spirits, makes the spirit of weakness and negative emotions go away.

    Duration: 30 min – 60 min.

    Preparation: Wear comfortable clothes, take your musical instrument, if you want (tambourine, ratchet, maracas, homuz).

    Experience: It had been 5 years that I could not deal with my depressive state. Everything in my life started to ruin because of this. It turned out that the spirit of depression lived in my body, Siberian shaman conducted this ritual and I immediately felt a lightness and joy. Now I have so much energy, and all the other problems began to be resolved immediately. I found a new job with a higher salary, I met my beloved. I wake up in a joyful mood every morning and the day is going very well.


    Practice to establish a contact with the spirit of money, to attract good luck in business and resolve financial problems.

    How it works: The shamanic ritual is held near a bonfire outside or in the room. Shaman uses his ability to communicate with the spirit of money during the ceremony

    Duration: 30 min – 60 min.

    Preparation: Have a bag of coins (which can be spent).

    Experience:  There were constant problems with money in my family. Nothing worked. Family farm business went bankrupt. In the end, all my relatives were forced to urgently look for a new job. And we had to sell our family estate because it was necessary to pay the loans. We moved into a small apartment, we had little money for life and credit payment. After the ritual, my husband was offered a new position, I found a new job, all things went up. People from all sides began to help us, and now we are building a family house again.


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    Diana Suemi

    Diana Suemi

    Diana Suemi, international trainer, consultant, founder of international women’s association DAOIN, spiritual life-coach and torch bearer of ancient traditions, has empowered thousands of women to realize their soul’s potential. During 15 year experience Diana helped more than 10000 of women in 20 countries to find the best realization of their talents, find soul-mate and to build the harmony family and restore faith in life.

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