How To Solve Conflicts In Business and Personal Life


One day an old peasant prayed to God and told to him: “Perhaps it is true that you created the world, but you do not know how to tend to the land. Give me one year and everything will be exactly as I want it to be: there will be neither hunger nor poverty! God agreed and granted one year to the peasant. Of course, he asked only for the best – no droughts, storms, hurricanes or anything that could threaten the harvest. When he wanted sun, the sun shone, when he needed rain, the rain fell as often as the peasant asked for. He was thrilled!  When the wheat grew, it was very strong but, then, when the time of sowing came, the peasant realized that the spikes had no grain within them.  The peasant was desperate! He asked God: “What happened? What went wrong?”

God answered: “There was not resistance, conflict, fight and, therefore, no tenacity. Because of lack of adversities, the wheat grew without seeds. A little of fight is necessary: hurricanes and storms are useful to shake the the wheat’s soul!”


We find conflicts everywhere. “Areas of conflicts’ break out almost every day either at home or at work, either with transportation or with walking. Conflicts can last for a long of time: sometimes months, sometimes even years. Every conflict, even the shortest one, no matter how insignificant, drives us to a sudden loss of energy. It may even happen that,  in spite of the passing of time, the memory of a conflict still awakens in us negative feelings. In this way, we end up losing our valuable health, time and money.

Knowing the types of conflict, their likely causes and our possible reaction to them, will enable us to gain a different perspective and learn to use conflicts as tools of development.


1. Developing the positive aspects of both intellectual and emotional centres.

2. Eradicating internal emotional tension.

3. Correcting behavior in troublesome situations: how not to identify ourselves with them, how to change any discussion into something constructive, how to eliminate any resulting tension and to clear the air.


Internal conflicts and negative thoughts

We are used to seek the causes of conflicts in the outside world, but the truth of the matter is that conflicts are ‘installed’ deeply in our consciousness; what is negative is not our way of thinking, but rather, our education. Usually this occurs at an early age, of which we have almost no recollection at all.

Those who educate us and who develop our consciousness, very often do it through programs and negative images and inculcate in us several not so positive emotions, such as being over critical, pretentious and easily offended. As result of this education we relate to our surroundings through mechanisms, which stem from the negative parts of our intellectual and emotional centers.

In addition, various prohibitions, which often do not make any sense, lead us to a state of inner protest. As this piles up from our early age, it turns into a gigantic interior tension, which manifests in the unloading of negative reactions onto other people and situations.

Objective perception of the situation

Behaviourist teachings about the handling of troublesome situations based only on techniques such as NLP or the training of our responses to external mechanism, do not provide thorough results since the problem caused by any internal conflicts remains unsolved. Thus, the conflicts as well as the corresponding energy loss is, therefore, repeated time after time, endlessly.

The main task of this program is to discover and gain consciousness of our internal processes, leading to troublesome situations. When we understand the interior mechanisms responsible for the appearance of conflicts, we can erase them forever from our life and, also, up to a degree, neutralise their destructive consequences and impacts.

Importantly, you will be learning how to perceive and estimate both people and situations more objectively and realistically, rather than through the prism of your troublesome critical perception.

Types of conflicts

All conflicts happening in life can be grouped under a number of headings; knowing how to differentiate conflict can help us to act more effectively in a given situation. 

How to behave correctly in a troublesome situation

What can be done when a conflict has already broken out? Methods of emotional, psychological and energetic defense that help us to avoid ” the knockout” and, in cases when the situation is really tense, help us to absorb the negative impact and, at the same time, to preserve our

The utility of the conflicts for development

Can we live without conflicts? Is a conflict-free existence auspicious? Life shows that an absolutely conflict free situation is continuously converted into a reservoir. Tensions, difficulties and conflicts are the natural steps of the development of a business, of a relationship and of personal growth.  It is important to formulate a correct perception of any troublesome situations and to learn how to act on them correctly and consciously.


It will apply a holistic, 100% effective new methodology, based both on the latest Western techniques as well as ancient Eastern methods, which address simultaneously body, mind and emotions. Classes are divided in a theoretical and a practical, and include exercises.


This course is designed for professionals with high levels of managerial responsibility within companies or organizations, who feel under a huge amount of mental and emotional pressure.


This program can be given at different levels of depth:

Introductory: 3 hours (one morning or afternoon during the week)

Complete: 8 hours (1st day: 10 – 14h and from 16 – 20h or 2 evening classes from 18-22h)

Advanced: 16 hours (2 days from 10 – 14h as well as from 16 – 20h or 4 nights from 18 – 22h)

Intensive: 24 hours (Friday from 18 – 21h, Saturday from 9 – 21h and Sunday from 9 – 18h)


Our teachers have an excellent reputation worldwide and all are especially trained both in business studies (economists) as well as in eastern techniques (Chinese medicine, Aikido, Yoga etc) . Due to their experience in investigation and application of this method for over 10 years, they have a deep knowledge of businessmen and their needs.

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Diana Suemi

Diana Suemi

Diana Suemi, international trainer, consultant, founder of international women’s association DAOIN, spiritual life-coach and torch bearer of ancient traditions, has empowered thousands of women to realize their soul’s potential. During 15 year experience Diana helped more than 10000 of women in 20 countries to find the best realization of their talents, find soul-mate and to build the harmony family and restore faith in life.

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