Honey Massage

          This massage helps the body get rid of toxins. No more than 1 time in three days. If the person’s skin is too soft, no more than once a week. If there are moles that protrude, we do not apply the massage to that area in order to not damage them.

            For the massage we need a candle, one table spoon of good liquid honey. For a successful massage the back of the person and the hands of the healer must be absolutely dry. If not, then the honey will never dry up (important).

            Technique: lie the patient down facing мед 2North. If the healer is “right handed” then he sits left of the patient and vice versa. The patient lies down on his stomach. The healer tunes into the patient. The healer imagines Siberia with his soul. Beautiful tall mountains covered in forests. Deep, pure lakes. In his thoughts thanks those that preserved this method of healing, and asks the spirit of Siberia cleanse the patient and change his fate for the better. In prayer asks the spirits of Siberia “Please, spirits help me heal this person. See with my eyes. Act through my hands. I give myself to you in this moment. Transform this person.”.

            The healer brightly imagines how the patient’s body transforms for the better. Talents. How he etc. etc. becomes better. The patient should be lying on his stomach, with hands parallel to the body, slightly bent at the elbows.

            Healer places his right hand on the back of the patient, right on the 4th Chakra (approximately between the shoulder blades), and raises the left hand to the sky. He takes a deep breath, and sings
the mantra “aum” as he lowers the left hand while exhaling. He continues to imagine the bright future of the patient. He lowers and connects the left hand on top of the right hand.

            The healer now begins to rub the back of the patient with his hands, until the back turns pink. This spreads energy through the patients back. After the skin is pink, he takes a tablespoon in both hands and breaths in the smell trying to feel the energy of the honey. Then the healer pours the honey.

“Oh ?Esencia? of earth and air, collected from a thousand flowers, filled with the energy of a thousand bees. Fill this person with your energy. Let him be as beautiful as the flowers and as free as the bees.”

 With a thin line, using three fingers so that the line is no wider than the palm of your hand, in a circular motion rub the honey into the spine from top to waist. Do so until the honey becomes thick. Now with all your fingers and a part of your palm apply pressurмед 1e to the back of the patient, then sharply removing the palm from the back. Spread the honey through the entire back of the hand. Slowly the honey sticks to the back, the skin begins to open up and releasing toxins. The clay like substance that is released are the toxins. The darker the color, the worse the toxins. Try to spend more time working on the area of the back which opens up more. If the patient complains about pain, use only your fingers – no palms. Keep working until the skin is dry. It is very important to regularly remove this clay from the back of the patient, AND show him what comes out of him.
During the massage the patient tries to concentrate on how his life changes for the better. After the end of the massage, wipe the patient’s back with a warm, wet towel. It is important for the patient NOT to take a hot shower that day (warm is okay). If there are welts, do not worry but try to remember what areas they developed on.
At the end of мед 3the massage the healer lifts his hands up to God, feeling the power of the spirit of Siberia which has just passed through his body. He asks for the power to give this person energy and development to his patient. After this he takes a deep breath, and exhales with the mantra “aum” while performing the symbol of the universe over the patient’s back with both hands – therefore covering the body with light. Then the healer folds his hands in a prayer like position at his chest and says “please, spirit, I did what I could. Take into your hands the fate of this person/patient. I am no longer responsible for his fate.” In a gentle upward throwing motion the healer rids himself of any responsibility. This is important to sever the tie between the patient and healer so that the healer will stop giving the patient his energy after the massage. This is literally important for the health of the healer.
The healer must do 3 physical things in order to clean his energy now. Wash hands up to the elbow in water. Cleans hands by placing palms above the candle. Walk barefoot on bare earth. If you cannot walk barefoot on earth, take your palms and place them on earth while imagining the earth absorbing all the bad energy.

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Diana Suemi

Diana Suemi

Diana Suemi, international trainer, consultant, founder of international women’s association DAOIN, spiritual life-coach and torch bearer of ancient traditions, has empowered thousands of women to realize their soul’s potential. During 15 year experience Diana helped more than 10000 of women in 20 countries to find the best realization of their talents, find soul-mate and to build the harmony family and restore faith in life.

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