Dad, I’m going to be an astronaut! Mom, I’m going to be an actress!

This is what managers, lawyers and accountants remember saying to their parents when they were young. Not many people wish to have a boring life and settle for their job when they’re younger, but unfortunately this has become a widespread norm for people. Once upon a time, the stars were so close, you could reach out and touch one! Were we all just born to be “used by life?” Or did we lose faith in ourselves somewhere along the way?


Elvis Presley, or as he is usually called— “The King”, could have remained a truck driver. However, there was something that he loved more than life – music. He lived for music, sought it out, heard music in everything and created melodies! It’s not surprising that eventually the whole world came to know him. Some even say that he came to this world from another planet, just to give us his message. It’s as if “The King” is telling us “Do what you love, follow your dream and you will accomplish everything!”




There exists an old saying “If I knew where I would land, I would place a straw mat in that place.” How come some people fall harder than others? Is it clairvoyance? Intuition? An international conspiracy? It’s the stars!

Ronald Reagan, the son of a shoe salesman, and later the 40th president of the USA, lost all of his skepticism towards astrology after he survived an attempted assassination. After this incident, Reagan confided in the stars and always made sure to check his charts before taking any action. Are his two presidential terms, successful political policies and “the greatest romance in the history of the US president” not proof of why astrology can be a very helpful tool?

However, this doesn’t mean we should just listen to everything that horoscopes tell us now. Astrology is a very complicated subject and it’s important to find a competent astrologer, someone you can trust. I can even suggest some sources where you can find some real professionals.



for_BM_Page_02_Image_0002Thoughts about starting your own business can inadvertently lead to fantasies about owning your own office, a leather chair, expensive clothes and cars. It’s as if this just fell onto your lap as soon as you created that one unique product! There are lines of people waiting outside stores, all wanting to get their hands on your product. Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of the company Rolex, called marketing “the wings of success”. Even then he understood that a brand’s name can define a company’s success. We live in a time of overabundance of supply. Advertising plays a prominent role in a company’s success. The louder you can advertise yourself, the more chances you have to succeed. This is why it’s important to convert your leather chair dreams into an advertising campaign for the first couple of years of starting your company.
Remember, your proposed product is already halfway sold!




Learn, learn, learn! But learn what and where? Why are many intelligent people with a higher education completely unprepared for the realities of the business world? Did they skip school? No way! The secret is simple. Before directing a process, understand it!

People say that many brilliant movie directors would be able to stand in for any actor on stage and do a better job than the actor. This type of leader will always be successful in anything he does. Do you think Quentin Tarantino was born with the knowledge of how to frame or how to create atmosphere in a shot? Do you think he spent hours and days analyzing hundreds of films just to waste time? World-renowned Tarantino worked in a video rental store for pennies just to have access to films. You can’t say that it’s just enough to be born a genius!

How do we become better?

“In the beginning many people didn’t believe that we would make it,” said Quentin Tarantino.

What’s the conclusion?

If you want to start a business, make sure to study up on your chosen field and understand all of the nuances. Remember, the best leader is someone who knows his business.

Henry Ford

for_BM_Page_04_Image_0001Here it is! The long-awaited diploma! How much money and efforts were spent on getting this piece of paper, this certificate that you are intelligent! It would seem that this is it – the ticket to success! However, when the first wave of ecstasy passes and you hang the diploma up on the wall, you realize that you rely on using your brain much more frequently than having to remember what professors taught you. Henry Ford was illiterate. He made many grammar and syntactical mistakes, but surprisingly, very few mistakes in life. The hardest thing to do in life is to think for yourself. “That’s probably why so few people do it,” he would say. This is why the purpose of this lesson is to show you how important self-education is. It is an essential part of success. There’s a saying – “Difficult in training, easy in battle.” Don’t be scared to try new things, work hard at them and…learn!

Catherine the Great


In our minds, we think that as soon as we achieve success and money, we can put an end to discipline and waking up at 7 o’clock in the morning. We think that we will be able to sleep in late, come to work once a week and lay around without having to do anything. In reality, it is the exact opposite! The more successful a person is, the more he values his time and adheres to discipline. An unsuccessful person is someone who is constantly being coerced into doing something.

Catherine the Great, ruler of the Russian Empire, was a stellar example of discipline and order. During her reign, all of her subordinates had to follow her strict schedule, which included many routines and practices dedicated to the improvement of health, learning, art and many other facets of life during those times. Even time allocated for meeting important dignitaries was strictly limited! Discipline, order and accuracy – these are key qualities of successful people! Discipline isn’t something to be feared. It should be welcomed! Like living in a clean home, it’s much easier to live with a “clean” mind. Practice discipline and see you soon!



There is a fairy tale about a frog who got caught in a jug of milk and decided just to fold her legs and die instead of trying to get out. 95% of people in the world have a similar outlook on life. Why try something if I’ve already decided that it won’t work out? Who am I to think that I can achieve this?

Madonna Louise Ciccone had plenty of reasons to do exactly this – to forget all about her dream of having a wonderful life. However, the famous blonde decided that she didn’t want to do what everyone else was doing. Even at school she dressed provocatively as a sign of protest and continues to do so today. Nobody can predict what she will look like tomorrow, but everyone can say for sure, “To be daring is a path to happiness.” Often qualities like boldness, having the guts to express yourself and not conform under external pressure are what sets you apart and leads you to success!


“I can’t stand the so-called “proper” life. If someone expects something from me, I don’t want to do it” – Madonna.

The rest is up to you!

Matt Damon


Everyone knows that a person’s environment shapes his thinking. Many famous people would never have accomplished their fame had they not been in the right company. Often a person’s talents and interests are left unsupported and unaddressed because of external pressures for that person to become a doctor, lawyer or an accountant. Do you know many people who became happy by following this path? I don’t.

Matt Damon is one of the most handsome men in the world according to People magazine. He is a highly in-demand actor and a successful human being. However, he didn’t reach the height of his success on his own. His fate was sealed when he met his neighbor, Ben Affleck. Together they went to casting calls, wrote scripts and looked for opportunities. Soon, their film “Good Will Hunting” becomes an instant hit and the whole world finds out about the Damon-Affleck duo.


“We resemble the people who we surround ourselves with. Choose your company. No matter how unique you are, your environment shapes you.” – Matt Damon

Never underestimate the value of a good friend and partner!

I wish you success in applying this knowledge! And don’t forget about the law of repetition. See you soon!

Milton Erikson


You’re here? Let’s start with an exercise. Touch your head. Is it still there? That means you have everything that you need to succeed! Are your eyes in working order? Are your ears? Are your arms and legs working? This means you have a great advantage!

How often do we feel that there is an unresolvable obstacle in our path? How quick are we willing to give up? But if you look at history, there are many examples of people who had less of an advantage than you who defeated the odds and achieved success. Milton Erickson, a great psychotherapist, didn’t only teach the world methods and techniques of working with the subconscious. He also taught the world how not to give up! His used his battles with many diseases and the inability to tell colors apart as an opportunity to find solutions and move forward. And he succeeded!


Remember, everyone has great potential within them. Difficulties help you open up your talents and access your potential! Let the obstacles in your path turn into steps leading to your success.



Aren’t all those bank offers tempting? “Want to start a business? Get a line of credit!” It seems so easy – take out a loan and all your problems are solved! Don’t be fooled. This is where the problems start. As soon you take out a loan, your whole life becomes about working for the man. All this just because of a simple desire to start out as luxuriously as possible. There exists a myth – the bigger the office and the closer to downtown it is means the greater the success. But what if you take off the glasses and consider starting your business in a garage, like Google, or in a dorm room, like Facebook? Then you can use your income to launch your advertising campaign and reinvest it into the business, instead of paying a loan to a bank. The main point of this lesson is to increasingly invest as your business grows, not the other way around.

Conclusion: live within your means, focus on your business and not on the image and take gradual steps to achieve success.

That’s all for today! See you soon!



The last step in the adaptation of a product to the market is the adaptation of the market to the product.

This might seem strange, but it is true! If you can’t find a market for your product, create it! The “best razors for men” by Gillette is an example of this philosophy. Innovations that make life simpler are always welcomed by consumers. Gillette was able to create a huge market for disposable items. And it all started with a razor.


Friends, do not be afraid to create something new, creative and innovative. People will show their gratitude.



Millions of dollars, fame and public recognition seem to be enough for happiness, right? Isn’t it true that you can buy anything in this world if you have enough money? No, not quite.

Having reached the heights of success and fame, once the initial wave of ecstasy has passed, you may be faced with a feeling that something is missing. Thousands of successful people in the history of mankind have come to the same conclusion – in order to be truly happy, you must help others. Charity has become an integral part of the global elite. People with great amounts of money say that nothing can come close to feeling as good as when you give back and help others. John Davison Rockefeller, one of the richest men in history, not only spent huge sums of money on charity, but also taught his children to do so as well. The Rockefeller dynasty continues to donate to many international charity organizations and spiritual projects.


Helping others is a quality of a strong person. You don’t have to have millions of dollars to do good deeds. Start here and now – share what you have and good fortune will surely come back to you. Believe me, it’s worth it.

Genghis Khan


His name is famous throughout the world. His victories in battles are legendary and his might and strength continue to inspire reverence in people even today. Genghis Khan – one of the greatest military leaders in human history. He accomplished the seemingly impossible task of uniting many fractured Mongolian tribes together and imposing a system of laws upon them. Do you think that he was able to achieve such accomplishments on his own? Like any other strong and influential person, Genghis Khan had an advisor who helped him make important decisions and remain in power for many years. History shows that strong-willed people are always able to learn from those who are wiser than them. Weak people are usually self-important and think that they know everything.

The first step to wisdom is the ability to admit your own ignorance. If we don’t know something, we can always learn it. If we think that we know everything, there’s nothing more to learn.

I want to congratulate you. If you are reading this lesson, you have made the first step! Good luck on this path!

Warren Buffett


“Words, words – empty sounds!” It’s always easy to believe in promises of a better future. We all want to believe in something good. But sometimes it’s better to examine a subject fully before committing so as not to be left disappointed when the project fails. Instead of looking at shares, Warren Buffett always knew to look at the root of a business. He built his enormous fortune with an almost mystical ability to evaluate a business and see its potential, rather than relying on numbers. However, this isn’t magic. The billionaire always examined a company on every level, from its philosophy, to its management. Maybe we should try this as well?

Remember – the majority of errors are committed when we fail to look deeper. Try to see every situation from a multitude of angles. Then your conclusions will be the most accurate!

Galileo Galilei


It might seem strange, but genius people aren’t always accepted by their peers with enthusiasm and support. Often, an innovator has to overcome many challenges before he becomes accepted by his community. One of the most telling examples of this is Galileo Galilei. He made a sensational discovery for his time, but because it opposed common opinion and scientific thought, he was persecuted by the inquisition as a heretic. Yet still, Galileo never abandoned his beliefs. The legend goes that even as he was being tried by the inquisition, he stomped his foot on the ground and said, “And yet, it spins!” Many years later, Ppe John Paul II admitted that the Inquisition was wrong. This was the only time such an admittance had been made. If you have chosen a life path, follow it. Do not look around at what other people think. Many of them just can’t accept new things.


Following your path and creating new things is a quality of strong people. Be committed to your cause. Let your goal be a guiding star on your path to success!



Today, everyone wants to be trendy! Everyone wants to be in style, in touch with the mainstream, be informed about new innovations. How does one not lose himself in this race? The answer is simple! First you need to find yourself! Then you can use this inner compass called intuition, which doesn’t always follow trends, to navigate the world. Giorgio Armani, whose style has been a leading force in the fashion industry for many years, uses his intuition to decide on what to make and doesn’t try to please the market by following trends. Many critics believe that this is the key to his undying success.


Now that we know how important and valuable an inner voice can be, all we have to do is listen to it. Maybe it can help us make the right choice!

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Diana Suemi

Diana Suemi

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