Complex of Self-Sufficiency

My dearest, I send you this magic complex with which you will become stronger in Spirit, clearer in consciousness and better at developing your will. After this, nothing can to darken your life or your light any longer. Through you, millions of people will be saved from unhappiness, others will have healthy children, wives will find harmony with their partners, those who are ill will become healthy, those who are poor will become wealthy and peace and tranquility will reign on our Earth!

комплекс самодостаточности картинкаStrengthen your belief, bring people to the Light.

Everyone pursuing this mission will discover their true and divine being. OM!

1. Make the gesture “Namaste” by placing the left hand below the navel, and the right hand in the centre of the chest with the fingertips pointing upwards (picture 1)

Direction: “I am. I feel myself. I remember myself. I am aware.”

2. Join your palms at the level of the stomach holding them parallel to floor. The left hand is under the right one (picture 2).

Direction: “I control myself totally.”

3. Without separating your hands, turn the palms so that the left hand rests on top of the right one (picture 3).

 Direction: “I control my body.”

4. Put your hands in the same position as in exercise #2 and turn your body to the right (picture 4).

 Direction: “I control my mind.”

5. Put your hands in the same position as in exercise #3 and turn the body to the left (picture 5).

 Direction: “I control my feelings.”

6. Return to position #2 (picture 2).

 Direction: “I control everything.”

This ritual that will help you to obtain self-control starts with these set of gestures. Only a person capable of self-control can control external situations in the surrounding world and spread the Will of the Divine Power.

Now let us move on to the next set of gestures.

7. Lift your hands sideways with the palms facing upwards (picture 6).

 Direction: “I am self-sufficient.”

8. Let the hands come down to the sides and clench them in a fist at the level of your stomach (picture 7).

 Direction: “I am whole.”

9. Repeat exercise # 7 (picture 6).

 Direction: “I am self-sufficient.”

10. Bring the hands down to the sides and clench them in a fist holding them behind the back at the level of  the Manipura chakra (picture 8).

 Direction: “I am united.”

With this set of gestures you will attain both self-sufficiency and the wholeness of your being, both needed in order to find liberation and achievement through obtaining full control of yourself.

After this stage, begin the next set of exercises:

11. Briskly pull your outstretched hands, held in a fist, to the chest (picture 9).

 Direction: “I attract from the world everything that is needed for my high goal.”

12. Now stretch the arms on both sides and open the fists (picture 10).

 Direction: “I carry the Will of Divine Power into the world.”

13. Repeat exercise #11 (picture 9).

 Direction: “I attract from the world everything needed for my high goal.”

14. Repeat exercise #12 (picture 10).

 Direction: “I carry the Will of the Divine Power into the world.”

By attracting things, people and events you can help the Divine Power. When you carry out the Divine Will provided to you by either the Teacher or a tutor, you become an agent of the Holy Power in life. To attract objects or events, feel how you seize them with your hands and how you pull them to you by means of your inner energetic power. The same inner power spreads the influence of Divine Power out to the surrounding world.

By making these gestures with your hands, this power can flow through you to the four corners of Earth and, in this way, spread its influence.

15. Lift your hands above  your  head with the palms facing up (picture 6).

Direction: “I am self-sufficient.”

16. Lower your arms the to the sides and clench the hands in a fist at the level of the stomach (picture 7).

 Direction: “I am whole.”

17. Repeat exercise #15 (picture 6).

 Direction: “I am self-sufficient.”

18. Lower your arms down to the sides and clench your hands in a  fist behind the back, at the level of the Manipura chakra (picture 8).

Direction: “I am united.”

As you make these gestures remember that regardless of whether you obtain something or spread your influence or not,  you are still whole and self-sufficient, as you need nothing else besides the  help of the Divine. You cannot feel any worse than anyone else, as you will find and attain the Divine Kingdom. Feel the whole world inside of you.

The complex ends here.

Make the gesture “Namaste,” place the left hand below the navel and the right one in the center of chest, along the midline on the rib-cage (picture 1).

Direction: “I am. I feel my self. I remember my self. I am aware.”

When performing this ritual at the beginning, talk loudly when you affirm the directions. After some time, though, you can do this i silence. In either cases, you ought to  feel the vibration of each directions. You should sense them with your energy, in a state of mental quietness.  When you feel each sensation and only your inner power speaks, when you feel your energy whilst at the same time keeping your mind silent, then this ritual becomes really magic and through it you will obtain everything in your life.


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Diana Suemi

Diana Suemi

Diana Suemi, international trainer, consultant, founder of international women’s association DAOIN, spiritual life-coach and torch bearer of ancient traditions, has empowered thousands of women to realize their soul’s potential. During 15 year experience Diana helped more than 10000 of women in 20 countries to find the best realization of their talents, find soul-mate and to build the harmony family and restore faith in life.

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