“I like traveling, and I treat different cultures with respect,” Diana explained, having noticed the curious looks of the guests. “Each of these objects is here not accidentally, but it has certain meaning. If you are interested I can tell you later about some objects… Each of them has an amazing history! But I see, you came here with a different goal, rather than watching all this. Isn’t it right?”
That question had a somewhat sobering effect over the guests who were looking around like children, with interest and surprise.
“Yes, yes, certainly! Excuse me, I was into watching,” Arthur recollected himself. “I haven’t seen such a beauty in my life. But we had, of course, another reason for a meeting!”
“You know,” Ruslan said, “we’ve got a sure card.”
“You say? What is it?” Diana asked.
“Prajna gave us a recipe of a secret mixture that can cure all diseases, including cancer, AIDS and HCV. But we need a million dollars for mass production of this medicine,” Ruslan blurted out.
“Yes, I know this recipe. I myself and many people have already been cured with it. But official medicine and the malicious organizations standing behind it will not let such a medicine see the light.”
“But why not?” Arthur was surprised.
“Think about it yourself: in this case they will have to close all pharmaceutical industry and most hospitals, but it is extremely profitable – to amass a fortune on people’s deceases and suffering. What’s more, the dark ones crave for people’s suffering, they feed on them. They do not need a healthy generation.”
“What shall we do then?” Ruslan asked perplexedly.

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