Autumn Equinox 2017

largeSeptember 22nd is celebrated as the Autumn Equinox — one of the most important holidays of autumn. What does this date signify? There are four important astrological dates in the year. These are the Spring Equinox, the Summer Solstice, the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice. If you count the year in relation to the sun, then the Spring Equinox correlates to the beginning of the year, the year’s morning. The Summer Solstice is midday, the day’s apogee. The Autumn Equinox is the evening and the Winter Solstice is the night. And since the Autumn Solstice is the evening that means that it is also the day’s end and the time for summation.

It is customary to do two important things on this day. One is to thank nature for the harvest and the other is to thank the ancestors for preserving the familial tree. In the ancient times our ancestors upheld the tradition of celebrating the Autumn Equinox with much care. They knew how to correctly spend this day, how to celebrate so that the whole next year the family would be protected from evil spirits. That way the products that were harvested wouldn’t become spoiled in the winter months. It also guaranteed financial security.

Waning_MoonIn 2017 the Autumn Equinox corresponds with a waning moon. This means that it is a great time to do various cleansing practices and rituals like Chakras Purification Exercise. They will be very effective during this time.

On September 22nd, perform a cleansing ritual early in the morning. It is best to do so in a sauna or a bathhouse. The most benevolent time for cleansing rituals is during sunrise, at around 5am-6am. Use special cleansing birch leaves or scrubs in the bathhouse. You can add a few nettle or elderberry branches to the traditional birch leave branches. Make sure to clean your body with salt (special black salt if it is available). If you have applied our shamanic advice and have prepared this black salt or have purchased it at one of our seminars, make sure to use it in the rituals. It is a very powerful cleansing agent. For example you can use it during Shamanic Taro Yoga Ritual. If you don’t have access to a bathhouse or sauna, then take a shower during the sunrise. Wash your hair and body thoroughly. Make sure to scrub your whole body with the salt scrub. Wash your hair with water steeped in nettles.

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The second thing you should do on this day is to thoroughly clean your home. The home is the place of familial strength and power. It is where our family tree’s power stores up and where you need to rest and recharge your strength. Make sure to throw out all of the garbage in your house before the coming of the winter period when the days grow shorter. This will help your home preserve its warmth and power for the whole winter season. You can cleanse your home in the following manner. Anyone who has participated in the “Power of the Family Clan” part 1 “Family Clan – Energy of the Family” seminar has studied the way to clean their home with the help of an ancient shamanic ritual. This shamanic ritual should be done on September 22nd in the morning. If you haven’t attended a “Power of the Family Clan” seminar, then you can cleanse your home in the following manner: Take a bucket of water. Pour some of the special black salt into it (if you don’t have it, you can use regular salt). You will also need a besom (broom out of twigs. And specifically this natural type of broom. A vacuum cleaner won’t work because this is a special cleansing ritual). Place the besom in the water and walk through the entire house and brush the corners of the house with the damp besom. You can vacuum the corners prior to the ritual and then go over them with the broom. This is a ritual cleansing and it cleans away the energetic dirt. Put the besom in the salt water often.

It’s very important to feed animals on the Autumn Equinox as a way to show gratitude to nature. Don’t just feed your own pets, but also feed the kitten in the street, or the neighbor’s dog or animals in a shelter. If you run in the mornings then take some bread to feed the spirits with you. Or take some nuts for the squirrels or some seed for the birds. This will make the nature spirits benevolent towards you for the entire next season.

fall-equinox-Gary-Curkans-photo.-the-green-fairy-is-changing-the-colour-of-the-leaves-1234027_10152226595918345_342076260_nYou should pay special attention on this day to show gratitude to nature for the harvest and for a fecund and prosperous agricultural year. The next thing you should do is to decorate your kitchen. If you or your mom or your grandmother grow your own fruits, vegetables or flowers on your plot of land, take the best specimens of your harvest and decorate the kitchen with them. Create an autumn altar in your kitchen with beautifully arranged and stacked fruits, vegetables and flowers. Let your altar shine with the brightest of colors: yellow, orange, red and green. Your kitchen should be very beautiful. And make sure to decorate your kitchen table where you and your family eat. If no one in your family grows their own food, you can also buy produce from grandmothers that grow and sell their harvest. You can also buy produce from the store, but it’s better to get it from someone who has grown it with their own hands and with love. It’s also important to make food from all of the gifts of nature on this day. You can sauté the vegetables or make a salad. There is a good tradition of baking pies with various stuffings on this day (cabbage, mushrooms, potatoes, apples, etc.) and to treat other people with them. Don’t forget about strong connection with nature and planets during the period of Autumn Equinox. Empower yourself!

It’s also important to give gifts on this day. Give presents to the people in your life whom you value and who have done something very important for you. And since it’s a waning moon, you can also give presents to anyone who is in an argument on this day. It’s best if you give them the presents yourself — like give them a pie or a harvested apple — but you can also send them a text message with your best wishes for the Equinox. If you are in a big conflict with someone you can imagine yourself giving that person a present.

chakrasladytreeIt is also important to do a ritual for protection during the Autumn Equinox. Carry a notepad with you during the whole day. In it write down everything that you are thankful for to nature, your fate and your ancestors. Throughout the day, remember everything you are thankful for and add it into the notepad. Carry the list with you throughout the whole winter right until the “morning” of the year, the Spring Equinox. This list will protect you in case you are attacked by negative emotions and spirits. As soon as you feel them coming just take out your list and reread it to remind yourself what you are grateful for. This will stir your ancestors, nature and spirits of your destiny to come to your side and protect you from the negativity. They will help turn the situation into a positive one with a beneficial outcome. Keep the list with you all year and read it throughout the winter.

In the evening of the Autumn Equinox it is important to gather around as a family around the decorated table. Or you can gather in the living room and look through photographs of your ancestors. You should tell your children and grandchildren, relatives and friends about how strong your family clan is. Tell legends and myths about your great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers. Try to remember everything you can about them. You can even exaggerate a little, because this is a ritual to strengthen your familial ties and be thankful to your ancestors.

goodforsoulIf you have like-minded spiritual associates with whom you gather on a regular basis, do the following with them on this day. Go out into nature and feed the spirits. Then decorate your table with the gifts of nature, with the autumn harvest and flowers, with delicious food that you prepare in advance. Then sit down and write a list of everything you are grateful for to your destiny, nature and your ancestors. Do a ritual in which you give a person that is dear to you a special gift. You can do this by imagining the soul of that person and tuning into his vibration and sending them love. Then if you have any conflict with anyone, talk to that person’s soul (with the “Speaking with Another Person’s Soul” exercise). Ask them for forgiveness and send them your love. After that drink some tea together and tell each other legends and stories about your ancestors to celebrate the power and strength of your family clan. Then you can thank the spirits and go home.

If you are a spiritual person, then on this day it is also common practice to talk about any spiritual experiences that your spiritual Teacher has been through. According to shamanic traditions, our spiritual Teacher is also our ancestor. When we step onto the spiritual path, we become part of his clan. This means that we become related to them and they are considered our ancestor. So on the Autumn Equinox give thanks and honor your Teacher. As a sign of praise, tell their magical stories and your memories of them to other people.

“When you meet a Great Teacher your path becomes full of light and joy because the Teacher takes your bad karma away and completes part of the tasks for you. All you have to do is concentrate on the teacher and receive what he gives. This has to be done regularly and emotionally, feeling the Teacher constantly”. (Adventures of Mystic)

So these are the traditional practices one should do on this day. If you spend your Autumn Equinox doing these, your whole year will be full of wonderful and happy events.

May this day be a special one for you and may the rest of your year be prosperous!

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Diana Suemi

Diana Suemi

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