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23379848_1994611507476484_8618789694047684763_nDiana Suemi – International Women’s coach, consultant, author of unique programs of Sacred Sites Travels, the Founder of the International Women’s Association «DAOIN» in 8 countries, the author of the method “How to create Mandala of successful life”, a special guest of TV programs in Europe, the US and Latin America, a participant of international festivals and conferences about women’s health and personal development topics.

Diana helps women to deal with health problems more than 15 years helping. To create harmony in relationships, to develop their talents and maximize the use of their resources. From 2008 Diana is involved in charitable projects to support poor and sick women and children, victims of acts of terrorism and violence. Diana’s mission – to help women believe in themselves, to fulfill themselves and be happy!

Having built a career as a “business-woman” over 15 years, a Senior Manager, there came a moment in Diana’s successful career when she felt and realized the most important aspect for her consciousness was lost… Upon this realization, she embarked on a journey searching the world, meeting with Spiritual Teachers & within to find what was missing. Traveling and collecting ancient knowledge in India, Egypt and Altai, Diana rediscovered this lost aspect & ultimately learned that the modern world often demands a woman play masculine roles & use methods which are not her intrinsically hers.
In time, this destroys the nature of women, bringing huge internal tension, problems with men, loss of youth, beauty and health. Today, Diana’s work the last 10 years is to coach women in 7 countries on how to: discover their true essence, return their lost feminine power, feel wonderful & deserving the best of life, find the ideal partner, create harmonious family & business while remaining successful, strong and self-sufficient.

For me Diana is a unique combination of successful woman who fulfilled herself both in the “business” and in “spiritual” world. She always gives a clear, structural answer to any question! No waffle about “don’t be lazy, move it”. Due to her training, for the last 5 years I’ve found myself, opened the floral business, and renewed relationships with my husband. And most valuable for me is that I have time for everything! And this is all due to her programs! Thank you, Diana!

In different countries, I give interviews to various TV channels:

Diana Suemi:

“I think it is most important – not to stand in the way of your development, your intuition and to believe sincerely in the higher destiny; remember that this life is given us for learning. May successes go with you on your course of life!”

Diana Suemi is a Slavic shamaness, spiritual business coach and international teacher and author. Diana has helped women and men around the world to find themselves, have harmonious relationships, open up to talents, release fears, rise up and regulate energy and obtain faith in themselves to become a strong and successful person in all spheres of life – health, relationships, business, spiritual and even to open super abilities.


21751965_10155720369889122_1302224807701859026_nWith Mallika Chopra, mother, entrepreneur and author. She is the founder of Intent, a website and app that supports people’s aspirations for living a happier, more fulfilling life. She is the author of the upcoming book, Living with Intent: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace and Joy.




With Ganden Thurman, son of Tibet House cofounder, Robert Thurmen, and William C. Bushell, forefront of research into the mental and physical effects of advanced yogic practice of the Indo-Tibetian and other traditions.

vY6rIqp6cvsWith John Gray, American relationship counselor, lecturer and author. In 1969, he began a nine-year association with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi before beginning his career as an author and personal relationship counselor. In 1992 he published the book Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, which became a long term best seller and formed the central theme of all his subsequent books and career activities. His books have sold millions of copies.

l422C2X0-OQWith Radislav Gandapas, most famous Russian trainer and specialist of leadership art and practices. The author of 8 books and 14 movies dedicated to leadership practices and public speaking. Russian most award-winning business trainer, the only one in Russia who was acknowledged the best professional in his field three times a row.

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Diana Suemi,

Master of Ancient Ceremonies, Woman Siberian Shaman Practitioner, Spiritual Coach, Traveler and Author of “How to balance material and spiritual aspects in your life and have time for everything” 

– Life spiritual coach since 2008

– Senior Manager of one of the most successful media-agencies of Moscow (2003-2008)

– Founder of DAOIN women international association

– Creator of esoteric tours to Places of Power in India, Tibet, Egypt, Cyprus, Mexico etc.

– Author of “Creating a successful life mandala” methodology

– Co-author of Sansaway international esoteric project

– Guest on TV-programs in Russia, Spain, Germany, USA, Mexico

– Со-organizer of international festivals: Women Art Festival (Moscow, 2010), Festival of Ethno-cultures (USA, 2012), The Conference on Women Rights protection (Spain, 2012)

– Degrees in economics, psychology and business administration

– 15 years personal experience closely working with Masters and Shamans in India, Siberia, Tibet

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To Diana Suemi’s authorial pro grams:

– “Strong and weak sides of women success. Achieving yin-yang balance for a business lady”

– “4 ways of realization of the nature of woman”

– “Psycho-energetic protection for woman energy”

– “The value of woman and her society role”

– “Ceremonies and rituals in woman shamanism”

– “Creating a successful life mandala” webinar course

Proprietary techniques and programs:

– How to empower yourself to reach the prosperity and success

– Psycho-energy defense & purification from spirits

– Women’s health: methods of purification linage karma.

– “Psycho-energetic protection for woman energy”

– Ceremonies and rituals in feminine shamanism

– Astrology: How to celebrate your birthday to transform your destiny


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“I like traveling, and I treat different cultures with respect,” Diana explained, having noticed the curious looks of the guests. “Each of these objects is here not accidentally, but it has certain meaning. If you are interested I can tell you later about some objects… Each of them has an amazing history! But I see, you came here with a different goal, rather than watching all this. Isn’t it right?”…ContinueChapter «Alchemy of Business»

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    One thought on “About me

    • Maggie Wilson
      04.01.2017 at 14:17

      I was able to spend time with Diana while she was in Boulder and attended several of her workshops. Her presence is such a gift! Diana is loving and kind but also fiercely powerful when she chooses. She is an inspiring example of the Divine feminine and the type of leadership she offers is much needed in the world right now. I highly recommend attending her workshops or having one on one sessions with her. A couple of days following my work with Diana I was at home with my children and I hat not mentioned working with a Russian Shaman and to my surprise, my daughter kept speaking in a Russian accent. She was being silly and sweet and it was a beautiful sign of the energy I brought into our home after working with Diana. It made me miss the voice that delivered guidance and encouragement and I think I may insist that my daughter start speaking with that accent on a regular basis! Thanks Diana for all that you do!!


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