The woman contains within her a special secret! A female’s psychic energy is many times more powerful than a man’s. This is part of the universal Law of Harmony: a man is stronger on the physical plane, but a woman has stronger energy. The ancient scriptures say that a woman’s thought can be equated to a man’s action.

After completing this course a woman will be able to:

  • Heal herself from all female-related ailments (dysmenorrhea, infertility, early menopause, polyps, fibromas, hysteromyoma, cancer…);
  • Get married;
  • Attract and keep men, love and material wealth;
  • Give birth to a healthy child;
  • Look youthful and attractive.


  • The uterus is the center of a female’s power. 7 reasons for uterine diseases.
  • Shamanic ritual for cleansing the uterus.
  • Shamanic healing. How to eliminate negative influences from bloodline with shamanic rituals (alcoholism, tobacco consumption, diseases, curses, poverty, etc.)
  • Sauna ritual — cleansing the uterus from previous sexual partners, ex-husbands.
  • Cleansing herbs.
  • “Uterine Breathing” ritual — attracting positive energy into the bloodline. Accessing natural female magnetism.
  • Shamanic facial massage — getting rid of masks from the past. Rejuvenation. Taking 10 years off aging.
  • Chocolate-sour cream masks for youthfulness and beauty.
  • What to do after cleansing the uterus? How to preserve inner cleanliness?
  • “Flowering Lotus” — shamanic yoga for female genital healing.
  • Ancient temple dancing for attracting success and wealth into the family.
  • Cleansing the woman and her children’s fate. “Field of Love” ritual for family team-building.
  • Ancient diets – which food to eat for better decision-making, balancing emotions. Strengthening diets.
  • Gyud seances will help you improve and strengthen your body; 10-15 minutes per day.


  • What is your purpose in life (Servant, Wife, Individuality, Muse, Goddess)? How to discover what your Spirit wants — signals and hints.
  • The Spirit’s purpose in the female body — the karmic experience the soul needs to receive through its experience being born a woman.
  • The Spirit’s purpose in the male body — the karmic experience the soul needs to receive through its experience being born a man.
  • How does a woman’s purpose differ from a man’s.
  • “Time Machine” exercise. Healing childhood trauma. Accessing your good fate.
  • How to create healthy relationships with men and to know your purpose.
  • Reasons for energy loss. Where to get the strength you need to fulfill your purpose.
  • The palette of female experience. Female archetypes. Awakening all of a woman’s sides.
  • The purpose of money in a woman’s life. Who is destined to be wealthy. How to secure your material wealth and align it to your greater purpose.
  • How to open your soul’s true calling — discovering the great cosmic objective.
  • Ritual to help you formulate your new future.
  • Shamanic dance and song that will help awaken your divine individuality.
  • How to protect yourself from people trying to influence you with their opinions. Where to get strength and power to help you preserve your individuality.
  • What it means to be a woman in the modern world.
  • How to understand your nature and how to figure out where to begin to search for your higher purpose.
  • How to remain feminine while building a career and making money. Is this possible?


  • Protection from male attention. What am I worth?
  • Meta-messages — which messages increase your value in the eyes of men and which ones decrease it.
  • “Nobody Can Influence Me” exercise. The art of being independent and how to protect yourself from energy vampires.
  • Amazon women practice. How to achieve confidence and self-reliance.
  • How to live without fear. “Anger Kata” How to eliminate fear.
  • Make-up secrets. Amazon women’s make-up. Protective make-up from curses, evil spells.
  • Ritual for increasing personal power and getting what you want. How to realize your intent.
  • “Volume of Success”. Practice for eliminating all “energetic toxins in your aura” and filling your being with wealth on all levels.
  • “Intention Network” Ritual for attracting health, love and abundance.
  • “Universal Key to Success”. The ability to achieve any desired goal.
  • My home is my castle! Feng Shui elements. How to create a strong protective field; how to create amulets and charge them with protective energy.
  • Harmony with the world — the art of living without conflicts. The art of complete transformation. “10 Animal Kata”
  • Teaching your child self-defense techniques is the best form of defense.
  • Working with phantoms — how to protect yourself at a distance.
  • “Iron Shirt”. The best for of defense. Works even in your sleep.
  • 12 basic energy roles in society. How to get along with all kinds of people.


  • How to choose the right one; how to find the man of your dreams. How to learn to read people like a book. This is crucial knowledge to be successful in business. No one will be able to fool you. Male psychology. The main types of men based on physiognomy.
  • Where to meet worthy men. The secrets of male behavior. Stop fearing men.
  • Luscher Test and how to quickly tell if a man is right for you. The best method to avoid unwanted solicitation.
  • Mantra to help you eliminate the spirit of doubt and poverty in your life and attract power and wealth!
  • Selectivity. Lessons from ancient priestesses. This is a very useful practice for women. It will help you get married, change your partner, resolve any financial problems.
  • Gyud seances will help you find your other half on the subtle plane and lay the foundation for manifesting this encounter on the material plane.

If you already have a partner, the Gyud seances will help you improve this relationship.


  • Ancient priests knew about the planetary compatibility of men and women. Find out which man is destined for you in your astrological chart. Find the guiding planet that influences your life. Sacred knowledge about the compatibility of men and women will help you access your intuition to find Him, your ideal mate and true love!
  • We will continue discussing male behavior. Initiation into the practice of Asking — the most simple way to attract the best partner and wealth into your life. You are worth it!
  • You will discover the true difference between man and woman. Exercises will help you achieve success with men and at your job, to receive a present or a bonus, to get married!
  • Male language — you will learn about “magic” words that will help you find the key to your partner’s heart.
  • Continue with the theme of selectivity. We will discuss methods of communication with strong and worthy men. Using these methods you will surround yourself men you enjoy being around.
  • How to make a man out of a boy.
  • How to make a hero out of a loser husband.
  • The magic of conversation. How to understand men. How to talk to them on their level.
  • The most common mistakes in marriage. You will learn to see and understand what NOT to do with a man.


  • How to clean your family tree and help your entire bloodline. How to restore your ties with the Protector Spirit of your family.
  • How to please your man. Female mantra to fill your family with happiness and solve all problems.
  • Initiation into the “Abundance and Wealth Flow” ritual. Will solve all of your financial problems and make your partner a millionaire!
  • On this step you can heal from female diseases and increase your body’s ability to heal itself.
  • My house is my castle! Making Protective amulets for the home and for each family member.
  • Tantric massage. This unique massage helps you feel and touch your partner not only on the physical, but also on the astral plane. It is pleasurable for both you and your partner. “Night Star” ritual.
  • The home hearth is my protection! Sadness will leave your family. Your family will become and island of love and harmony. How to create a field of love in the family.
  • Japanese method of complete relations (for adults and children).
  • Shamanic Tea Ritual Lesson. How to infuse it with helper-spirits. Herb and tree spirits for health and power. Individual instruction and initiation.
  • How to quickly eliminate headaches, tensions, stress and pain with the Gyud method. Quick relieve for the entire family.


  • Ancient breathing technique. Arouses desire and magnetic attraction. This technique helps eliminate female diseases. You are a magnet for male attention.
  • How to ask him for something in a way that makes him want to generously gift you.
  • “Aura of Charm” ritual initiation. This ritual will make you be the most feminine, the most desired!
  • How to make him feel special with minimal spending; erotic surprise! How to make original, creative gifts.
  • To complete this step you will need a long string of light-weight beads.
  • Ritual to protect your man from mistresses. How to protect your marriage.
  • Tantric massage – you will learn the secrets of tantric massage, taught to women in tantric temples.


  • A walk that will give you youthfulness and beauty and inspire a man to want to impress you
  • Flirtation and seduction techniques will help your partner realize your goals for you!
  • You will learn how to always be different and surprise your partner. He will always be by your side!
  • Video and photo presentation of the most beautiful performances, outfits and creations.
  • Useful information about eroticism. These techniques have helped many women find the best men and some have married oligarchs.
  • Make-up secrets. How to attract a positive fate.
  • Dancing Rituals will help you eliminate hidden psychological blockages, stress, depression, anxiety.
  • We will connect with our sensuality, beauty and source of style. Clothes and make-up. The art of transformation.


  • Knowing when to remain silent and when to speak will increase your attractiveness, charm and attract success and wealth in to your life!
  • How to talk to an oligarch. How to be interesting to worthy men! Solve this problem for yourself.
  • Initiation into the most important knowledge in the world: how to eliminate all problems with the Sans-Strike. Be at the height of your potential. Protection from energetic leeches and problems.
  • The Art of Sans-Theater. Initiation into the key secret of the ancient sacred knowledge. Sans-Theater will help you solve all of your problems. Practical magic!
  • How to create good first impressions and how to always be in your partner’s focus range.
  • Why tantric exercises can only be used with the best man. Tantric knowledge will give you special power to keep the man interested in you.
  • Ancient knowledge into the art of gratitude will bring many surprises and presents into your life.
  • The ability to ask for help and the ability to talk about what you want is the key to success with men.
  • The ability to give compliments and gain affection from men. Initiation into sacred knowledge.
  • 7 mudras and mantras that will attract expensive gifts from men into your life.
  • You will learn ancient practices and knowledge that will attract wealth, happiness and abundance into your life.
  • The art of accepting gifts and averting unwanted attention will help you solve all of your financial problems.


  • Ancient magical priestess practices that will help you accomplish your goals. Discover how to correctly engage the Moon and Venus energies and how to interact with Fire, Earth, Wind and Water elements. Energy will revitalize you!
  • Important information about how to create your reality with the help of intentions. How to solve all of your problems.
  • Initiation into an ancient female sorceress ritual that will help you define and materialize your intentions.
  • The art of commanding your partner’s sexual fantasies. He will do anything you ask him to.
  • How to preserve and multiply your power and sexual attractiveness. How to be the center of attention in any group of people.
  • You will taught a special technique that will help your partner physically and financially prosper.
  • You will learn how to get your man back. You will learn how to communicate with relatives and children.
  • Healing exercises will help you look better, feel better and get rid of female fears and uncertainties.
  • Mantra-singing ritual initiation.
  • We will help you eliminate destructive mental patterns that were inherited from your parents and are preventing you from succeeding.
  • Ancient ritual of eliminating the spirit of misfortune.
  • You will need the following items to complete this step: shamanic and magic items.
  • You will need the following items to complete this step: see-through, beautiful shawl or stole.


  • You will learn how to unite three female qualities in you — the lover, the bride and the wife. This will forever eliminate the problem of not having worthy men to choose from.
  • Intimate touch rules. What the oligarchs will value in you.
  • Initiation into the sacred knowledge of bridal chambers.
  • Erotic massage as panacea. How to eliminate all problems with opposite sex.
  • Full instruction in how to lead a passional sexual life.


  • Initiation into abundance. A woman who receives everything she asks for.
  • What the best men in the world value in women.
  • How to best realized female self-reliance. This knowledge will help you achieve your goals.
  • Breathing and massage exercises. We will access the Aphrodite Goddess archetype and her sexual, youthful and creative powers as expressed in every woman.
  • Ancient knowledge for the chosen ones – conscious birth. Sauna ritual. Birth of a Goddess.
  • The most important knowledge on happiness and eternal love!


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Diana Suemi

Diana Suemi

Diana Suemi, international trainer, consultant, founder of international women’s association DAOIN, spiritual life-coach and torch bearer of ancient traditions, has empowered thousands of women to realize their soul’s potential. During 15 year experience Diana helped more than 10000 of women in 20 countries to find the best realization of their talents, find soul-mate and to build the harmony family and restore faith in life.

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